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Health and Human Services Seeking Advice From Start Ups And Private Equity

A September 19th article in Modern Healthcare HHS is wanting advice from “private equity firms and startup incubators”. The article reports HHS is wanting insight “on strategies to accelerate investment, innovation and research in healthcare.” “Healthcare startups have seen a huge boom in recent years fueled by consumerism and the push to transform delivery of care from volume to value. Venture capital firms are in on the action. In the first half of 2018, venture capital funding in digital health was 22% higher year-over-year with $4.9 billion raised, according to a report from Mercom Capital Group.”

It seems that healthcare may have another partner whose primary concerns are the dollars and not the patient. Doctors will have another behind the scenes partner including the ones they already deal that include government, hospitals, insurance, and administrators. As the healthcare dollar becomes divided more and more between these entities and not those providing the care, doctors will see an erosion in their value and salaries. There was a time when bright and hard working individuals could rise the economic ladder to become what their parents dreamed for them. Those days are gone.

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