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How Do You Protect Yourself If Your Employer Goes Out Of Business

A recent article by Dr. Michael Davis in Dentistry Today outlines the potential problems for an associate dentist if their employer goes out of business. Most state dental boards take patient abandonment as a very serious issue.

Dr Davis continues, “Closures of chain clinics in the dental industry have come with pain. Patients have been abandoned. Clinical staff has been frustrated, confused, and vulnerable to liabilities. Further, economic forecasts portend more of the same in our future. 

If states truly enforced violations against the unlicensed practice of medicine by corporate entities, the same as by unlicensed individual persons, many of these issues could be mitigated in advance. That probably won’t happen. Too much big-business money is in play.”

With so many dentists joining these type of practice models there are certainly risks that associate dentist should be aware of. ALWAYS have an attorney experienced in these type of health care relationships review any contract before you sign. It could serve you well in the future. We have also published on this website sample employment contracts. Click here to read the entire article.

See an example of a Texas Employment Agreement below. This agreement can give you some ideas where your contract may need more negotiations. Please always seek the advice of a health care attorney experienced in these matters.

Sample Dentist Texas Employment Agreement.jpg

Sample Dentist Texas Employment Agreement