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A proposed dental school in Missouri dies due to lack of funding

It seems other states and dentists are facing the same issues we are in Texas. They wisely chose an alternative course:

““Yes, we do need dentists in underserved areas. And yes, it seems that the new graduates do not want to practice in those areas. They absolutely tend to stay in the larger cities. Opening a new dental school will not correct that problem,” advised Dalin.

Dalin has been a leadership fixture in Missouri dentistry for decades. Because of his tireless work addressing the dental needs of disadvantaged children, the ADA’s annual Give Kids A Smile award is today named the Jeffery B. Dalin Give Kids A Smile Award. Dalin also served as editor for the St. Louis Dentistry Magazine, which is the Greater St. Louis Dental Society’s journal, for more than 20 years. 

“Believe me, I am very sensitive to the access problems we have in our country. I am one of the founders of the Give Kids A Smile Program. We started this program here in St. Louis to address problems of access to care. Access to care is something very near and dear to me,” Dalin said.”

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