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United Dental Group ordered to cease business operations in California

The Orange County District Attorney's Office obtained a $867,000 settlement in a suit against United Dental Corporation and its affiliates.  United Dental Corporation and its affiliates agreed to stop advertising and doing business in California no latter than March 3, 2016.  Here is the link to the Article.    

This may be old news to some the message here is very appropriate to Texas.  United Dental parties unlawfully owned, managed, and controlled dental offices in Southern California without a license.  "By evading the legal requirements the United Dental parties unfairly competed with and harmed law-abiding dental businesses by expediting the formation of several unlicensed dental practices without paying the fees and complying with the applicable regulatory requirements that law abiding dental practices must comply with."  There are VERY good reasons that most states have similar laws regarding professional practice ownership.  The consumer does not enter into those relationships equally and the professional must always have the consumer's interest first.  Any interference by a third party should never be tolerated for obvious reasons.  Where is Texas on this?  Where is our organized dentistry on this?  Who is standing up for the consumer?  Who is fighting for the dentist?  We have rulings in court regarding Business Service Agreements (BSA's).  United Dental Group opened a Texas office in 2017.  It leaves one to wonder. 

What can you do?  Educate your legislators and your patients.  Get involved in protecting dentistry and the consumer.

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