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What if there were LSOs in addition to DSO’s?

Essentials of the Future LSO Industry
1. A Lobbyist Service Organization (LSO) will be tasked with handling all administrative needs of lobbyists. This frees up lobbyists to focus solely on lobbying, all in the interest of promoting competition and efficiency in the lobbying industry.

2. No lobbyist firm would be owned by a LSO. The LSO would only operate in a support capacity. Of course, the LSO would control the lobbyist firm’s bank account. The business service agreement between the LSO and the lobbying firm would be in effect for 30-50 years. Further, the LSO would control what party owned the lobbying firm, and assigned a designated “owner”.

3. The LSO would provide all these non-lobbyist services for a percentage of the business’s gross receipts, or a set monthly amount. In effect, all profits of the lobbyist firm would be reclassified as overhead operational costs of the LSO, and remitted to the LSO in a Delaware bank account. Since this isn’t involving healthcare services between doctors and patients, no legal claims of fee-splitting could be alleged.

4. LSOs would promote “access to lobbyists” in underserved communities. All Americans deserve access to quality lobbying services, at very reasonable prices.

5. LSOs would promote expanded use of mid-level lobbyists (MLLs). These MLLs could provide all lobbying services, except the most invasive. Training of a MLL would not require the cost and time to train a lobbyist with an advanced degree. MLLs would specifically focus on demographics traditionally underserved for lobbying. Of course, should a LSO seek reduced labor overhead costs, plenty of MLLs would be available.

6. The LSO would control referral decisions of the lobbyists. Any outside vendors, inclusive of specialist vendors, would be under the direct control of the LSO.

7. LSOs would unite under the banner of the Association of Lobbyist Service Organizations (ALSO). ALSO would promote a code of member conduct, which distanced the LSO from potential civil and criminal violations of their lobbyist employees. ALSO would conduct annual meetings to further promote their presence and control of the lobbyist industry. Smaller seminars would be held by associate criminal-defense lawyer members on specific methods to circumvent the rule of law, and accounting structures to distance LSO members from tax liabilities.

8. LSOs would act in coordination to label all opposed to their business model as anti-competition, or turf protectionists.

9. LSOs would espouse loud claims of cost-savings to clients via “economy of scale”. In reality, any cost-savings would be from a combination of dodging lawful taxation, utilization of low-end bargain-basement vendors and suppliers, and upselling of clients on needless services.

Certain alleged conservative and libertarian think tanks and research institutes are merely thinly veiled lobbyist firms for hire. The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), Americans for Tax Reform (ATR), and Pacific Research Institute are seemingly such pay-to-play organizations. The above tongue-in-cheek satire represents a vehicle to expose the absurdities, distortions and outright lies of the DSO industry.

Michael W. Davis, DDS maintains a private general dental practice in Santa Fe, NM. He serves as chair for his district dental society peer review committee. Dr. Davis provides expert witness and consulting services for the legal community. He may be contacted by email:

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