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Thanks ADA for supporting more regulations!

So when President Trump came into office he halted all new regulations that had not yet been published.  This included the rule that dental offices install amalgam separators.  Since most practices have LONG ago quit placing amalgams in favor of composite fillings these regulations are 15 years out of date.  It makes you wonder who stands to benefit and make money from this?  Think about it.  From the ADA News:

EPA Reinstates Final Rule On Amalgam Separators.

The ADA News (6/12, Garvin) reports that the Environmental Protection Agency issued a final rule on June 9 requiring most dental offices nationwide to install amalgam separators. The final rule, which closely follows the ADA’s best management practices, will be effective July 14, 2017, and the date for compliance is July 14, 2020. The EPA had issued the final rule in December 2016, but the agency withdrew the rule following the White House’s Jan. 20 memorandum ordering federal agencies to freeze all new or pending regulations. The ADA commended the agency for what it considers “a fair and reasonable approach to the management of dental amalgam waste.” In a statement, ADA President Gary L. Roberts said, “The ADA shares the EPA’s goal of ensuring that dental amalgam waste is captured so that it may be recycled.”

The ADA provides more information at An unofficial version of the final rule is available online.

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Abby LongADA, EPA