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Texas A&M Begins New Building in Dallas - Dallas Business Journal Article

"Texas A&M University has begun construction on a new nine-story, 157,756-square-foot clinic and educational building near Dallas' Deep Ellum neighborhood.

The $127 million facility, which is being built for the university's College of Dentistry, will help the Texas A&M dentistry program boost its enrollment by 25 percent. It will also give North Texans another avenue for dental care."

Dental education is the most expensive professional education out there and that is not including the incredible amounts of debt most dental student incur in completing their degrees.  One struggle besides debt for students is getting adequate patients on whom to practice their skills.  At this time a graduating dental student is likely to never have worked on a pediatric patient beyond basic hygiene skills.  Why is this?  Children must be covered by some sort of dental plan whether this be Medicaid, CHIPS, or private insurance as mandated by Obamacare.  Why would these parents go to the dental school for care when the explosive growth of practices who cater to this population are everywhere?  The answer is clear, they don't. 

So Texas A&M is building a new, expensive facility and increasing the enrollment of dental students by 25% all at a substantial price tag.  Where is the data showing the demand for the dental services currently at the school?  Are patients being turned away due to too few students?  Dental students currently graduating are struggling to find a place to practice.  Certainly the dental schools should have some responsibility to them.


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