Quality of dental care for our fellow citizens is diminishing, and we need your help. Between the Obamacare hangover, lack of enforcement of existing Texas Dental Laws to high student loan debt, there are travesties being committed to our consumers, our dental practitioners and our great state of Texas.

When a dental practice is not wholly owned by a dentist but rather but outside entities, these entities are taking shortcuts on care and are getting away with it since they have the means to retain high quality legal teams and lobbyists, which are beyond the ability of most doctors or even most state regulatory boards. There is a consistent pattern of evidence with this type of dental practice not wholly owned by a dentist of violating contract agreements with doctors and basically thumbing their noses because of their superior legal and financial resources. It is imperative for patients to have full disclosure on who actually owns a dental practice and benefits from it financially.

What’s happening?

  • Revenue is leaving the state of Texas through the expansion and marriage of multiple states as the governing board for dental practice.
  • Texas is losing revenue because many of these large corporations are based in other states.
  • Quality of care is being diminished through lower standards and lack of regulation.
  • Additional loss of revenue and sovereignty occurs for the state of Texas when the dental licensure exams are moved from Texas to the Western Regional Board. Dental licensure exams must return to the great state of Texas, thereby protecting the public by maintaining the high exam standards for which we have traditionally been known.
  • There is no enforcement of existing statues protecting the dentist/patient relationship.
  • There is not strong enforcement of patient abandonment rules when a dental practice goes out of business or is sold.
  • Enforce and fund the database of dentist practice locations to protect the public’s ability to know where the dentist who completed dental treatment for them is located.

What can be done? As a Texas lawmaker, you can:

  • Develop legislation to help protect patients from abuse and over treatment, as well as bait-and-switch practices conducted by other than dentists
  • Uphold current law and disallow the ownership of dental practices and management by non-dentists.
  • Enforce laws aimed at reducing Medicaid dental fraud.
  • Restore the dental license exams to the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners to ensure Lone Star Standards in dentistry.
  • Address the lack of sufficient and satisfactory employment opportunities for dentists.
  • Enforce existing law that prohibits fee splitting.


Learn more about these important issues by requesting a briefing HERE. Feel Free to reach out to us with any questions or additional information on any of these issues at info@concerneddentistsoftexas.com

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