Are you an adult who has gone their whole life without a cavity and now suddenly you are being told you have many? Have you questioned the treatment recommended to you?

Dental care is not a marketplace act like buying and selling ordinary goods and services. Patients are at a distinct disadvantage in the dentist/patient relationship when lacking a dentist’s expert skill and training. Patients must be able to rely on their dentist placing the patient’s interests first.

The dental consumer public is at a severe disadvantage. The patient may be in a total fog as to who may be added to their dentist/patient relationship.

Is your dentist able to discuss with you all reasonable clinical dental options?

As a patient, is it difficult to establish a relationship with your dentist because it is not the same dentist you saw the last time you were there?

Is your dentist forced to use offshore, low-end dental labs?

Are the number and quality of the dental supplies of your dentist’s selection?

So what’s going on?

  • Many dental practices are owned and managed by corporations and trusts (many from from out of state and some out of country) that are only concerned about the bottom line and thus encourage aggressive treatments.
  • Some of your dentists are making only a very small portion of what you or your insurance are paying for their services. That’s because the money is going into someone else’s pocket.
  • Your provider at your dental clinic may not have the same standards of board approval that used to exist in Texas. Part of this is due to an expansion of certification out of the state. Part also has to do with the allowance of foreign-trained dental professionals to practice without the same standards of practical education.

So what can you do?

  • Contact your representative and tell them you want to protect Texas dentists and demand Lone Star Standards of dental care
  • Report any offenses you’ve experienced, such as substantial fillings or other treatments, dispute charges, etc. by emailing us at
  • Find out where your dentist was educated
  • Be sure you know who your dentist is and the dental practice is not pulling a bait-and-switch when it comes to your oral health
  • Support CDOT by becoming a citizen member


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