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"Join us!  Sign the petition to Stop a 4th Dental School in Texas"

“THECB recommends that the state not establish a new dental school in El Paso at this time. Texas does not need more dentists.”  Click here for full report.


  • Texas does not need another dental school” -  Report by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board 
  • Population of Texas needed to increase by 27 million to absorb the number of new dental licensees during that same period - Texas State Board of Dental Examiners
  • Anticipated $79 million to build 4th Dental School in El Paso despite tight Texas budget
  • The maldistribution of dentists could be addressed by loan forgiveness for current dental students


Texas does not need a 4th dental school Petition



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Founded in 2015, Concerned Dentists of Texas (CDOT) is a group of dentists who seek to preserve the integrity of the individual professional in meeting his or her duty to their patient. A dentist has a primary ethical and legal obligation to their patient above all other interests. For this reason, Texas has a long-standing law requiring a dentist to own a dental practice.

The Texas Dental Board only has jurisdiction over licensed dentists, not unlicensed owners. An unknown number of current practice models may have unlicensed owners, which can put profit over the patient’s best interest. Our primary ethical duty as dentists is and should always be the patient. Remember, as a dentist, you can make a difference. We NEED you!

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